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Cannamagic Ayurveda Private Limite:

Cannamagic Ayurveda was founded in 2021 with a vision to provide safe and effective medical cannabis and hemp-based products to people in need. We believe in the power of alternative therapies and the benefits of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of medicine that focuses on achieving balance and harmony in the body, mind, and spirit. From our humble beginnings with just two products, the Vijaya Extract and the Vijaya Drops, we have since expanded our product line to include 11 carefully curated products by industry experts. Our product categories now include Vijaya Extract, Vijaya Drops, Vijaya Topical Pain relief oils Hemp Products & Pet Care. At Cannamagic Ayurveda, we are passionate about spreading awareness about the medicinal benefits of Medical Cannabis and Hemp Products. We believe that these natural remedies can provide relief and improve the quality of life for people suffering from a variety of ailments

Our team is dedicated to research and development, constantly exploring new ways to harness the healing properties of cannabis and hemp. We are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients and ensuring that our products are safe, effective, and affordable. As we continue to grow, our mission remains the same: to provide safe and effective medical cannabis and hemp-based products while promoting the benefits of alternative therapies and Ayurveda. We are proud to be a part of the growing movement towards natural, holistic health solutions and look forward to continuing to serve our customers and communities

Compliance and Regulatory Approvals for Medical Cannabis and Hemp Products:

Our medical cannabis and hemp products have undergone stringent regulatory scrutiny to ensure their quality and safety. We are proud to have obtained the necessary approvals and licenses from the respective regulatory bodies. Our medical cannabis products are registered with the Ayush Ministry under license number MP25D/21/933, and we also possess the Ayush trading license number MP25D/22/974. Similarly, all our hemp products have been approved by the FSSAI under license number 11522001000159 and 11522998001205. These approvals serve as a testament to our commitment to complying with all regulatory requirements and providing our customers with the highest quality products.


 Cannamagic Ayurveda to grow the knowledge of medical cannabis and hemp based products it’s benefits are numerous. Want people to keep an open mind to alternative therapy and make this happen Cannamagic Ayurveda envisions a future where the use of medical cannabis and hemp-based products is widely accepted and recognized as a beneficial form of alternative therapy in India. We believe that by combining the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the therapeutic properties of cannabis, we can offer a holistic approach to healing and wellbeing. Unfortunately, the use of cannabis in India has been stigmatized and criminalized for many years, leading to a lack of education and awareness about its potential benefits. As a result, many people are not aware of the medical properties of cannabis and hemp-based products, and are hesitant to explore alternative therapies.

At Cannamagic Ayurveda, we aim to change this perspective by promoting education and research about the benefits of cannabis and hemp-based products. By partnering with Ayurvedic experts and medical professionals, we can explore the use of cannabis in treating a range of conditions, from chronic pain to anxiety and depression. In addition, we believe that it is crucial to revive the importance of Ayurveda in modern medicine. Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that focuses on achieving balance and harmony within the body, mind, and spirit. By integrating Ayurvedic principles with the use of medical cannabis and hemp-based products, we can offer a holistic approach to health and wellness. To achieve our vision, we need to keep an open mind to alternative therapies and be willing to explore new approaches to healing. We believe that by working together, we can transform the perspective of cannabis in India and promote the cruciality of Ayurveda in modern medicine

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